LUX POD, 38 Gloucester Road, London SW7

We were fortunate to have had two clients at the same address, almost concurrently. The Lux Pod is arguably the smallest fully functional high-tech apartment in London. Within merely 10m2, and 3.5m maximum ceiling height, it offers all that one needs to live in luxury, be it scaled down to the spatial minimum. Every cubic inch of space has been used inside, and externally the Lux Pod pushed out to the maximum that was allowed by the planners. “Terrific fun for any design fan, tech geek or traveller bored of identikit properties” said Time Out on line in 2011, recommending it as Editors’ Choice London Hotels, and published in 2010 London Time Out Guide Book. “As a showroom for the best of everything in compact design, this is an amazing achievement” said Katie Law, Evening Standard, Homes and Properties in September 2008. From the Lux Pod you can see a glimpse of the green copper roof of the garden house that we built to the rear of 38 Gloucester Road.

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