One of two bridges linking an existing river walk with a river and rail locked new park. The design represents an attempt at reintroducing a simple beam as an artistically exciting option in light of the escalating costs of pedestrian bridges reported in the UK. Thanks to its unconventional design this 75 m long bridge has a very slender appearance, which is enhanced by the bold use of colour. Looking as if rested on the tips of four slender fingers, the bridge is carried by two delicate V shaped piers. Circular openings on the underside facilitate deck inspection access, while also saving material and introducing a visual relief to the underside. Two new Maidstone Millennium Park bridges, both designed by Studio Bednarski, form a part of a £7.8 million Millennium project, which was 50% funded by the Millennium Commission. The construction stage photographs were taken in October 2000 during serious flood conditions on the river Medway.

Winner of a 2002 STRUCTURAL STEEL DESIGN AWARDS Certificate of Merit for high standard of design.

Engineered by Flint & Neill Partnership.

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