Winner of a 2002 limited competition to design a new bridge over Tipner Lake on Portsmouth waterfront. In addition to an existing rudimentary concrete road bridge, and a new cycle / pedestrian bridge next to it, subject of this competition, a monorail bridge was to be built in the same location. Reacting to the risk of a confused jumble of bridges ( made worse by peculiar steel contraptions attached to the concrete bridge ) we proposed a low-key stress ribbon solution. The main span was approximately 84m which, the total length some 140m. Two alternative designs were proposed, one with the ribbon propped on a concrete arch and the other with the ribbon propped up on straight steel struts. The extensive inter-tidal mudflats around most parts of the harbour are rich in various invertebrates and worms and provide feeding grounds for a significant number of over-wintering wildfowl. These and other aspect of the Harbour have led to it being declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Protection Area (SPA) & Ramsar site under European legislation. As a part of our commission, an environmental study was carried out to assess environmental implications of the project and to provide means for minimising potentially adverse impacts of the construction works.

Client :
Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Partnership
Bridge engineers :
Buro Happold and Professor J Strasky
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