This design, on a 106m2 left over piece of land, emphasises the fact that this is a new building, which consists of two independent houses with independent entrances, placed on top of each other. While contemporary in design this 280m2 building draws from the tectonic composition of the adjacent Victorian houses, with their clearly expressed bases. The vertical articulation of the first and second storey windows to the east, with their alternating clear and ‘frosted’ glass panels, draws inspiration from the vertical emphasis of the first and second floor elevation rhythms of the adjacent terraces and their London stock brick panels alternating with stuccoed widow panels . The rhythm of the vertical slot window panels is a ‘compressed reflection’ of the adjacent Victorian facade rhythms. The design reverses the material allocation typical of the local low-grade Victorian buildings with their ground floors stuccoed and upper storeys in brick. This corner site is a relatively prominent location in Portobello Estate, within the Colville Conservation Area. Our design created an urban accent and a new local marker for Westbourne Park Road, and a High Quality, High-Density residential development as called for by the Mayor of London. We secured full planning permission under delegated powers with letters of support from neighbours. The project was filmed for the Discovery Channel's Dream Homes series screened in the UK in October 2011. During London Open House in September 2011 it attracted over 400 visitors in two days.

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