L’ILE SEGUIN, PARIS ( river span 180m )

We won this E 8 million bridge design competition to which four international teams were invited. The bridge was to link Sèvres with the new F. Pinault art gallery designed by Tadao Ando on l’Ile Seguin in Paris, which previously housed the Renault works. After F. Pinault cancelled his project our client decided to carry on with our project, a cranked suspension bridge - the first of its kind. Its low, 14.5m, mast is located at the intersection of two curved arms of the deck. In elevation each span looks like half of a conventional suspension bridge, which has been cut at mid-span. Responding to the request for the Sèvres ramp not to have a lesser design status than the river crossing itself, the crossing and the ramp have been linked to create one symmetrical structural system. The boomerang-like plan shape of the bridge was our response to the severely constrained space on the Sèvres bank and to restrictions on structural works on the island. The design also responds to the requirement for the bridge to be low key and not to obstruct views of the Sevres hills from the l’Ile Seguin piazza. A requirement for a viewing belvedere on the Sèvres side was addressed by way of widening the bridge at the crank and creating a viewing area. Construction tender prices were obtained but no contract for construction was awarded.

Bridge engineering by Flint & Neill Partnership, with Explorations Architecture, Paris.

Client : SAEM Val de Seine

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