STUDIO BEDNARSKI is an award winning, dynamic design practice, established in October 2001. We offer imagination and inventiveness combined with pragmatism - creative design solutions in architecture, urbanism and interiors. We pursue visible and unseen beauty, and ways of achieving more with less. Our designs, in Britain and overseas, evolve from search for a balance between functional, cultural, technological, climatic and economic conditions in which a project is set. Our approach to sustainability does not stop at the selection of ‘green’ materials and technologies but recognizes that ‘building’ is by its nature an ‘unnatural’ pursuit. We aim for our structures to be clever, flexible and mutable enough to outlive their transient uses.

Our projects are very diverse, ranging from private homes through all building types to bridges and urban environments. We are used to working from first principia, cutting new ground working closely with our clients towards fluid relationships between our creations and their context.

The structure of our practice provides the flexibility to accommodate the diversity of our work and the rigour to ensure that it is executed effectively and efficiently. We are experienced in the various procurement routes. We regard project management as a creative and integral aspect of realising a project and employ every means to deliver on time and within budget.


In our work we tap a broad network of contacts, consultants and organisations concerned with the exploration, inception and realisation of concepts affecting the man-made environment. We enjoy working in the areas of design that lie at the interface of architecture and allied skills. We welcome the rigour, stimulation and cross fertilisation that result from working creatively alongside environmental, structural and civil engineers, manufacturers, contractors, landscape architects, graphic designers, artists and disciplines more tenuously connected to construction.


Engineering aesthetics is one of the key areas of our expertise. It is an intrinsic part of any building design project but becomes particularly significant on large span structures. Cezary Bednarski gained recognition in the field of bridge design, and on buildings the practice has insisted that structural solutions are carefully value engineered balancing inspiration with practicality. To achieve such results requires the co-operation of like-minded consulting engineers and in this respect we developed close working relations with some of the leading engineers in the country.