Krakow is a great medieval city. This was an invited proposal for a site near the Krakow Castle, the most important architectural monument in Poland. Our aim was to create a structure that with light touch would combine world-class innovative structural solution, be functional, sculptural, graceful, light, and playful. A bridge that is a clear and legible embodiment of the laws of physics, without decorative elements or architectural frivolity, with pedestrians able to view the river and Krakow from both sides of the deck. A variation of the cable suspension system, it has a single twin cable ( 2 x 160 mm) slung diagonally under an ‘S’ shaped deck, and two very low forward inclined masts. The centre span has no structural elements obstructing the views. The bridge parapets are structural and carry 80mm cables, which provide torsional stiffens and resistance to bending moments.

Client :
Krakow City Office
Competition organiser :
SARP Polish Association of Architects
Bridge Engineering :
Strasky Husty and Partners

( the competition and the project were described in Cezary Bednarski’s paper presented during Footbridge 2008 in Porto, Portugal )

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